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Education Experts

Thailand’s first premium education consultancy dedicated to British education. We offer a highly personalised service to your specific needs and aspirations, and guide you through your education journey from birth to university.

Book Your First
30-Minutes Consultation

To maximise success and to ensure full attention to each and every case, EDEX operates as a selective consultancy.  We kindly ask interested families and candidates to make an appointment for our Initial Consultation and Pre-Assessment session.






Prep Schools

Leading Independent Preparatory Schools

EDEX provides a tailored support for families in preparation for top school selection and entry.  Our preparation and guidance services begin since birth, carefully and strategically paving the path to feed children to top preparatory and senior schools and beyond.


With a caring and compassionate perspective at heart, EDEX helps parents navigate the British independent school system, ensuring that the right choices are made at every stage; from nursery to university.

Prep Schools


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Senior Schools

Top Senior Boarding Schools

Entry to top British senior schools are always competitive. Preparation is the key to success. At EDEX, we believe that the earlier, always the better.  EDEX offers strategic advice to prepare children alongside their parents, ensuring that our clients ‘tick all the boxes’ and beyond when it comes to school applications and assessments.  With our expertise and good relationships with schools, we offer insight that goes far beyond the prospectus.


We help aspiring families to plan children’s educational timeline and strategies. From initial enquiry, school selection, taking into account suitability, children’s abilities as well as parents’ preferences, all the way through to interview preparation, and finally securing a place.



Senior Schools


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Prestigious Universities

for Undergraduate / Postgraduate Levels

We work with both students who are already studying in the United Kingdom as well as those at international schools in Thailand.  As top grades are no longer enough to guarantee a place, EDEX has a wealth of experience in assisting young adults in building not only a strong education profile but also an outstanding persona for a successful application. We have a comprehensive understanding of the entry requirements for each institution, allowing us to provide in-depth guidance in preparing you for your chosen course at your dream institution.


From Planning, Profile Development, Personal Statement Guidance, and Interview Preparation, we do not just build a good candidate - but we build a perfect candidate.


For undergraduate level, students may come see us when they are in Year 13, but our services begin as early as Year 9, where we strategically provide guidance on subject choices at GCSEs and later, A-Levels.  For those who are uncertain, EDEX can also help students to identify areas of interest and inspire them.  We also partner with a UK-based organisation to provide further career guidance and counselling.


For postgraduate level, for optimum results, we advise that students see us at least one year prior to entry.



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General Consultation

Before going off to prep schools and senior schools in the UK, it is vital that children receive the best education locally.  At this stage, EDEX can help parents navigate through the Thai international school system, answering any questions they may have and help them select the best international school that will prepare their children for their next important steps towards education in the UK.  

We also help to ensure that your children will be well prepared in every aspect beyond education and qualification. 


Our General Consultation sessions are also open for any other advices and queries about education and life in the UK for any age group.  We are able to provide insights on housing arrangement, transportation options or even international health insurance.

Image by Alex Azabache


General Consultation


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“Before coming to EDEX, I had already been to a few other consultants and paid a fortune but still felt like I was on my own, making little progress. When I came to EDEX, we had to start everything all over again because what I had was not good enough. I am thankful I chose EDEX. Not only did they help me get a place at the institution of my dream,
they also helped me win a full scholarship.”

— LSE Scholar


Education Experts

EDEX is a private educational consultancy with expertise in British education. We offer a dedicated personalised service, tailored to your specific needs and aspirations with the highest standards, widening your opportunity to secure a place at top schools and universities in the UK. 


Our Education Experts can help you plan and pave your entire education journey, starting from  birth through to the preparatory years (ages 7-13), secondary years (13-18), and university.  Through our expertise and insight, we can help you prepare, plan and shape your journey in British education from start to finish and beyond. 


We partner with one of the leading UK-based educational consultants to provide an enhanced and more dedicated service, to ensure most optimal outcome, befitting the nature of our premium service.


EDEX has a stellar track record of supporting aspiring families and children in Thailand and Asia with entrance to top UK schools and universities.


You dream big.  We help you achieve it.

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